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Phillippa Yaa de Villiers

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Make passion your day job

JOZI HOUSE OF POETRY THIS SUNDAY 3 JUNE 2PM features a rare phenomenon: poets who pay their bills with their passion: writing.

Founder of the Word ‘n Sound series of platforms, his venture for the past two years, Thabiso Mohare works as a copywriter to feed his poetry habit. He surrounds himself with young poets and creates opportunities for them to grow while simultaneously building his performance and writing repertoire. afurakan

Award-winning poet and writer Arja Salafranca has published two collections of poetry and a collection of short stories, as well as contributed to a number of journals. She works as the editor of the Life section of the Sunday Independent, a job not at odds with writing.arja

tereska Tereska Muishond is the resident writer for the tv soapie Scandal, and is a founder of the spoken word duo !Bushwomen. She has performed her poetry at Badilisha Festival, Poetry Africa and various other poetry festivals and events nationally.

We are told that “there is no money in poetry. But then there’s no poetry in money either.” (Robert Graves). But we live in a world where it is possible to be a poet and a creative person and be financially functional. There are however a thousand ways to skin, cook, eat and remember a cat, so after feasting on their luminous poetry we will be talking to these poets about how they found their way to maintaining themselves. Come and find out how passion can actually pay bills, really really. You might have to toe lines sometimes but…it’s worth it when you look at the school fees, car payments, and dental work that is covered when one asks the muse to lend a hand in making someone else’s dream come true. Do you compromise your integrity, or lose the plot when you shine someone else’s shoes? What is your bottom line? What words will you not help to be born? How do these amazing poets keep their integrity? Is integrity something to keep or something that is constantly under attack from various forces? How important is it anyway? And so on… will be some of the questions we’ll be asking of these poets.

Come to PopArt Theatre At Main Street Life, Fox Street, Doornfontein 2pm-5pm Sunday 3 June for a rare treat: poets who pay their bills! You will pay a mere R50 for a seat at this wonderful conversation, with a discount of R10 if you bring a packet of sanitary pads, which we donate to institutions where many of the girls miss up to three months of school because they can’t afford these necessities. After you’ve had your mind expanded and your soul illuminated, you will step into the radiant kitchen of Pata Pata or Chalkboard and eat celestial vegetarian food or divine pizza and then you will ascend with the youth to the top floor of Main Street Life to boogie the night away. If you’re an elderly poet who’s already had some red wine in the afternoon, you will sidle into the forgiving night, leaving the youngsters to their spanking.


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